Kagoshima Master is an authentic Wagyu Japanese BBQ Restaurant that originated from Osaka, Japan, in 2010.


As a butchery-inspired restaurant, we offer the finest cuts of top-level A5 Wagyu with the spiration to refine the age-old Japanese technique of grilling meat over fire and to offer an ultimate degustation experience for clients.

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Experience the finest Japanese BBQ Restaurant  by the authentic master from Kagoshima, Japan

Our Signature Dish​

Ultimate Amusement

Deluxe Wagyu Platter

Tongue Thick Cut

Money Pocket


Yakishabu Set


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Crows Nest Store

Address: 18A Falcon St, Crows Nest, NSW 2065

Tel: 02 8416 4686

Ultimo Store

Address: 517-521 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007

Tel: 02 8580 3137

Email: info@kagoshimamaster.com.au

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