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Kagoshima Master | Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Ultimo & Crows Nest




Kagoshima Master is a premium; authentic Japanese BBQ restaurant that originated from Osaka, Japan, in 2010. It serves with the aspiration to offer an ultimate culinary experience of authentic Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu. Kagoshima Master has evolved into a must-try restaurant for Yakiniku (BBQ) enthusiasts in Japan. As a butchery-inspired restaurant, we offer the finest cuts of top-level A5 wagyu.



Today, we are proud to bring the authentic Japanese wagyu yakiniku all the way from our self-owned farm in Kagoshima, Japan, to Sydney. Refining the age-old Japanese technique of flame grilling, Kagoshima master is a celebration of sustainability. We strive to serve the top-level A5 wagyu and cutting butchery techniques to allow gourmands to enjoy each affordable cut of Kagoshima beef. Experience the range of textures and favour only found in premium wagyu.

Kagoshima Master | Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Ultimo & Crows Nest

Taro San has devoted an entire professional career to the wagyu beef industry, from an apprentice to a butcher chef of a luxury boutique restaurant. He has been actively associated for the last 40 years with the Japanese Wagyu industry from the farm, supply chain and Wagyu store to the Kagoshima Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

The finest cuts decide the delicate flavour. 

— Taro San 

Taro San picks the best Wagyu according to every client's highest standards with his knowledgeable and meticulous eye. He extensively tempered his impeccable and varied cutting abilities to highlight the pure flavour profile and delicate texture of various pieces of Wagyu.


Kagoshima Master selects only the finest female A5 Kagoshima Black Cattle from an exclusive farm in Kagoshima, Japan, to present foodies and connoisseurs alike with a delectable and gastronomic farm-to-table experience.  

The lifestyle of the animal is quality-based. Cattles in our farm are grass-fed to ensure sophisticated flavours and the richness of texture. Cold chain logistics guarantees all the wagyu is stored between 2-4 °C, and timely delivered to keep its freshest quality. 

Kagoshima Master | Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Ultimo & Crows Nest
Kagoshima Master | Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Ultimo & Crows Nest

48-hour slow-cooked handmade sauce with more than 20 ingredients, Kagoshima Master infuses carefully dice apple and wagyu fat into unique Japanese soy sauce to extract the pure fruity fragrance and rich buttery flavour.

Throughout numerous hardships and attempts, Chef Teruyuki spends almost ten years to develop the unique and exquisite flavour. Secret seasoning, only at Kagoshima Master Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

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